Small is Beautiful

Recently I took the opportunity to work on a project for an elearning charity. I designed this short interactive course on Pepper Processing using Evolve Authoring.

Now I must admit that I really like Evolve. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and tailored for HTML5 responsive content. I also like it that the content produced in Evolve has a web scrolling interface.

But I had just got my very own Articulate Storyline 3 license and was excited to use it. Besides, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would be unhappy with Storyline, the King of Authoring tools, if I was paying for it. But when I checked with my coordinator, she surprised me by saying that Storyline was not preferred.

It turns out that the interactive courses produced with Evolve Authoring are extremely compact. In parts of the world, where there is no internet and limited mains electricity, it’s important that lots of courses can be accommodated on a single SD card. While large external hard drives can store lots of content, it would still mean using additional power, which can be relatively very expensive. These are places where people rely entirely on small solar panels to derive power.

It’s here that Evolve Authoring comes to the rescue. Interactive courses designed in Evolve and Adapt are so much smaller in size when compared with those authored in Articulate Storyline and Captivate.

Small is beautiful! This is one more reason to use Evolve Authoring.

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