Scenarios and Storytelling


Teaching someone to discard their unfair gender biases is easier said than done. But presenting learners with real-life situations is a great way to do this.

In this sample created in iseazy, a cloud-based authoring tool, I’ve used common real-life scenarios that the learner can easily identify with. This example will also show you how scenarios don’t have to be long-winding ones. Carefully chosen statements and pictures can be as powerful as lengthy scenarios.

man in brown long sleeved button up shirt standing while using gray laptop computer on brown wooden table beside woman in gray long sleeved shirt sitting

Find out the impact of simple scenarios

Read an E-book on Storytelling 

Storytelling is as old as man. It’s a very popular ID strategy, which is used to  engage the learner and provide real-world context. I created this short ebook to explain the importance of storytelling as an instructional design strategy. What makes it interesting is a little story tucked into it. So sit back and enjoy your story for today.

apple book break child

Read this ebook on the power of storytelling

Storyboard of a Story

This is a storyboard snippet of an opening story for a course on ‘Operations Planning and Control’. It offers real-world context, which will kindle the interest of any learner to learn more.

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