“I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Anita while we both worked as Instructional designers for TWi. During that time, we collaborated on many cross-company initiatives, and I regularly sought her help and invaluable feedback.
Anita is an exceptional instructional and eLearning designer with a wide range of talents. She consistently raises the bar by learning about the latest trends in the field and then imparts her insights. The qualities that make Anita shine include her outstanding attention to detail and supportive attitude.”

Louise McFadden, Instructional Designer, Technically WriteIT, Cork, Ireland.

“I engaged with Anita in 2019 to support the redevelopment of our compliance training programme; this included 8 modules that needed to be entirely redeveloped. Anita not only grasped the requirement, but was creative, responsive, and worked within our time constraints. We successfully achieved our ambitions, which included endorsement by a UK body. The online programme has been well received by staff, the body who endorsed the training, and quality assurance bodies who rate it as excellent.

I have since worked with Anita on a number of other projects, and will continue to do so. Anita is easy to do business with, understands and is responsive to our ambitions to develop high quality and engaging blended learning solutions. I have no hesitation in recommending Anita for her capabilities as a professional ‘go to’ on any eLearning projects.”

– Saera Mushtaq, Head of Learning and Skills, NRS Healthcare, United Kingdom.

“Anita is brilliant at understanding the nuances of the project. When you partner with someone distant, you need to go the extra mile in trying to make sure they understand the scope of work. With Anita onboard you were always guaranteed that there were never any expectation gaps. In fact she’d make sure that all risks were covered.

My team would tell me that it’s as if she was a part of the team itself. Also the tacit knowledge that she carried into the next project made you wonder why she wasn’t in a full time job. She’s an excellent colleague to work with and to sum up: When someone delivers the unsaid you know that you have someone who’ll push your team to raise the bar at all times. Thanks Anita for being a part of our journey.”

– Prashant Nair, Senior Manager at Tata Interactive Systems, India.

“Anita is a talented instructional designer from whom I have learnt a lot about storyboarding and the e-learning industry at large. She is hardworking and smart – a winning combination. Excellent English, very good writing skills combined with attention to detail and the ability to simplify content are what make her great at what she does.”

– Vaagdevi Ravishankar, Lead User Education, Zoho Corporation, India.

“Anita is a very sincere and hard working team mate who puts her heart and soul in to the work she takes up. I have worked with her on two projects and she completed both ahead of the time frame and with finesse as well. She always exceeds the client’s expectations.”

– Priya Swaminathan, Senior Program Designer, Flex, India.

“Working with Anita was a wonderful experience. She is so passionate about what she does and ensures that she meets all her commitments as planned or promised. A woman with amazing writing skills and sound knowledge about the e-learning industry.”

– Shabna Aarthi Sulochana, Independent Instructional Designer, India.