Good Things Take Time

Recently, I watched a Google Talk by an eminent Graphic Designer. It was a fascinating talk about how MIT got its logo. What amazed me was the more-than-a-year long journey it took to arrive at the MIT family of logos.

I find so many clients telling me with a straight face that they want their deliverables by “yesterday”! And most of us, designers and developers, actually try to comply. While I understand that “time is money”, I don’t quite understand why so many businesses don’t realize that “all good things take time”.

fruit candies

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

Jamie Curl, a successful candy maker, explains this so well when she says “you have to give the candy that’s cooking, the time it deserves”, just like “you have to give a project the time it deserves”. When making candy, you cannot refrigerate it to cool it. You HAVE to allow it to cool down naturally.

Curl was invited by Google to share her recipe for success with Google employees. Let’s take a leaf out of Curl’s book and start honouring our work with the time it deserves. While we may still continue to “chase deadlines” and “firefight”, let’s at least begin to acknowledge that the best work is never done in a hurry.

Good things take time.

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