The samples in this section do not reflect my most recent type of work or skills. However, these varied pieces give you an insight into what I can do and the work I have done in the past.

How-To Animation

Video Script

Videos can turn a dull course into an exciting one, but they can also be rather expensive to create. When I was required to write a video script for a low-budget e-learning course on liability and insurance, I had to keep in mind that the video production costs had to be kept to a minimum. This script is proof that budget constraints can be managed with a bit of clever creativity.

Voice Over

If you are looking for a neutral Indian accent voice, take a listen to this audio sample. Here is a recording of my voice, created and edited with Audacity.

If you are looking for high-end voice-over services, I can connect you with professional voice artists in my network.


Scenario-based assessments put the learner in a real-world situation, forcing them to think of what they would do in a similar situation. Such assessments are more relatable and result in greater engagement, compliance and learning outcomes for the learner. Scenario-based assessments are a favourite of mine and in this sample, you will see how I have turned regular, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) into a scenario-based one.