Storyboards and Miscellaneous


Elearning design is usually delivered as a storyboard (or SB). To know more about my storyboarding process, you can read my post here.  Plot is a great new online tool for storyboarding. But most of us still rely on either PowerPoint or MS Word. Here are snippets of a PowerPoint Storyboard and a Word storyboard.

PowerPoint Storyboard:

In this PowerPoint SB snippet, notice the instructions to the developers are given outside the slide. The voice-over script is in the Notes section.
As I usually work remotely, I make sure every little detail is included in the SB. This makes life easier for all stakeholders!

Word Storyboard 

Word is a good choice for storyboarding if everyone reading it is familiar with the storyboarding process. It’s also a good option, when a lot of text edits are expected. (Edits are easier to track in Word than in PowerPoint.) Here is a Word SB snippet.


Scenario-based assessments put the learner in a real-world situation, forcing them to think of what they would do in a similar situation. It creates greater engagement, compliance and learning outcomes for the learner. In this sample, I have turned regular, multiple choice questions (MCQs) into a scenario-based MCQ.

Voice Over

If you are looking for a neutral Indian accent voice, take a listen of this audio sample. This is a recording of my voice, created and edited with Audacity.

If you are looking for high-end, voice-over services, I can connect you with professional voice artists in my network.

Video Script

Videos are usually very engaging; but they can also be rather expensive to create. When I was required to write a video script for a low-budget elearning course on liability and insurance, I had to keep in mind that the video production had to be inexpensive and easy to shoot. The result was the following video script. This script is proof that budget constraints can be managed with a bit of clever creativity.

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