IDeas for IDs

Mobile App of Curated Resources

Today, we carry our phones with us ALL the time. So if a person wants content at the tip of their fingers, the best way to give it to them is through a mobile app.

I curated a bunch of very useful resources for instructional designers as an app called IDeasForIDs, which IDs can access at any time, any place. These resources are links to inspiring websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs and more curated lists, which I hope can help IDs in their creative journey.

I created the app using Glide, a no-code software. Scan the QR code to download it or select the image to visit the link.
Once you download the app on your phone, make sure you save the shortcut on your home screen, which may not happen automatically.

If you want to add more links of your own to the app, feel free to build on top of it.