Web Accessibility: A Short Primer

Microlearning – A 7taps Course

This course was featured on the 7Taps website too. It all started at one of the monthly sessions of the Instructional Designers of India (IDI) group, where a few of us IDs collaborated on a learning session on Accessibility. Organizing this session really helped me learn a lot about web accessibility and gave me a fresh perspective. The most important lesson I learned was about why we need to design with accessibility in mind.

When we design accessible products, including accessible e-learning solutions, we design better products. When we use an accessible product, (even if we do not have a disability), we have a better experience. And if we do suffer from some disability, temporary or permanent, we are not excluded from the experience.

I designed this primer on web accessibility as a starting point for anyone interested in the topic.

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Web Accessibility: A Primer (Best viewed on mobile)