Branched Scenarios

I created this role-play simulation for learners to identify the nuances of workplace confrontations. At each step of the scenario, there are different paths a learner can choose. This simulation offers learners a place to practice their responses to a situation in a safe, non-judgmental manner.

Featured Skills

  • iSpring
  • Instructional Design
  • Voice over
  • Audacity

Mini Scenarios

Teaching someone to discard their unfair gender biases is easier said than done. But one possible way to do this is to present them with nuanced, real-life situations. In this sample created in iseazy, I’ve used common small real-life scenarios that the learner can easily identify with. This example also shows you that scenarios don’t have to be long-winding ones; carefully chosen statements and pictures can be as powerful as lengthy scenarios.

Featured Skills

  • Instructional Design
  • isEazy

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