The most important document in the e-learning design phase is undoubtedly the storyboard. To know more about my storyboarding process, you can read my posts here. There are specialized storyboarding tools like Plot, but most IDs rely on PowerPoint or Word. Here are a few snippets of my storyboards.

In the PowerPoint storyboard snippets below, you will see how I lay my development and graphic design instructions outside the slide and the voice-over script in the Notes section. As I usually work remotely, I make sure that every little detail is included in my storyboards, making life easier for all the stakeholders.

Click the images for an enlarged view.

Word is a good choice for a storyboard, if everyone reading it is familiar with the storyboarding process. It’s also a good option, when a lot of text edits are expected, (since edits are much easier to track in Word.) Here are pages from my storyboard, created in Word.