As an elearning consultant, my primary focus has been designing elearning. The design is usually delivered as a storyboard or SB. To know more about the storyboarding process, you can read my post on it. Most often, it’s either a PowerPoint document or a Word document. Here, I share with you snippets of both types of storyboards.

PowerPoint Storyboard

Here is a snippet of a PowerPoint SB. Notice the instructions to the developers are given outside the slide. The voice over script is in the Notes section. As I usually work remotely, my SBs have a great level of detail to make everyone’s life easier!


View/download more slides of the PPT Storyboard from below.

Word Storyboard 

Word Storyboards are a good choice if all the stakeholders are familiar with the storyboarding process. It’s also great when a lot of text edits are expected.

View/download the Word Storyboard snippet from below.

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