As an elearning consultant, my primary focus has been designing elearning. The design is usually delivered as a storyboard (or SB). To know more about the storyboarding process, you can read my post on itPlot is a great new online tool for storyboarding. But most of us still rely on either PowerPoint or MS Word. Here, I share with you snippets of both types of storyboards.

PowerPoint Storyboard

In this PowerPoint SB snippet, notice the instructions to the developers are given outside the slide. The voice over script is in the Notes section. As I usually work remotely, I make sure my SBs have a great level of detail. This just makes everyone’s life a lot easier!


View/download more slides of the PPT Storyboard from below.

Word Storyboard 

Storyboards created in Word are a good choice if all the stakeholders are familiar with the storyboarding process. It’s also great when a lot of text edits are expected. Changes are a lot easier to track in Word than PowerPoint.

View/download the Word Storyboard snippet from below.

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